Sabtu, 19 Januari 2008

Download Racing Game Gratis

Free Racing Games

1nsane - 1nsane by codemasters is an all-terrain 4x4 racing game. 'Insane' is the game where dangerous driving is the safest thing to do. 1nsane is specifically made for internet and LAN play.

Action SuperCross - Action supercross is where you ride a motorbike and complete the various stages. You can get to the next level only by completing the previous one successfully.

Auto BahnAuto Bahn - Auto Bahn is a shockwave game where you have to avoid the traffic by dodging in and out of cars. This is just a car game rather than racing against any opponents. How long can you stay on the road?

Death RallyDeath Rally - Death Rally is a car racing game which I'm sure you guessed already. Death Rally contains good graphics and good sound effects too. Shareware version 1.1.

JetSki - Play three different difficulty levels, and race on six different tracks. Go over jumps, fall down waterfalls, go under bridges, and bounce off of other racers JetSki's.

RallyCross - RallyCross; This is a rally game as the title suggests. First one to complete 3 laps, is the winner. You can have up to 4 players in this game, but 2 is recommended.

Slicks N slide - Car driving game.

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